Stargazers are waiting for an extravaganza over the weekend set for as the Perseid meteor shower will be at its peak.

The event is known as the “fiery tears of Saint Lawrence,” and occurs when the Earth moves through the debris trail left by the Swift-Tuttle Comet

Perseid is from the Perseus constellation, which is the area from which they travel from in the sky.

Large numbers of scientists regard this as the event of the year as 80 meteors fall every hour.

The Swift-Tuttle Comet, which is 16-miles wide and made out of ice and rock, travel through our solar system once every 133 years.

When will the meteor shower peak?

The meteor shower will fall on Sunday, August 12, 2018, and will hit its peak on Monday, August 13.

Nasa says there will be heightened activity between 9 pm, UK time on Sunday and 4 am on Monday.

How can I observe the Perseid meteor shower?

You will clearly see the meteors without a telescope just look up to the sky and hope for few clouds.

Nearby parks and dark areas make it all easier to spot, away from bright city lights is the best for clear viewing.




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