A mum has already taken care of buying all her kids Christmas presents already nine months early.

Paige Ridlings, 21, has already spent £600 on 40 items for her kids, which includes a trampoline, two kids’ bicycles and a toy Dog.

The mum of two said she hates running around near to Xmas and would rather get the shopping down straight after Christmas has ended.

Most of the presents cost an average of £20, including two bean bags and an assortment of small toys.

Paige, from Oldham, started shopping straight after the new year and is finished months before schedule.

Paige said:

“I find it so much easier to shop like this because there’s no rushing around – and I can make sure my boys have stuff they have asked for.

“I used to leave Christmas shopping until the last minute.

“It was so stressful because it would be hard to find some toys because they’d be out of stock and near Christmas time shops are always busy – buying early doesn’t have that stress.”

She added:

“Two years ago I wasn’t able to get my first so much – he only had five presents and I felt awful.

“It didn’t help that we just moved into our new home so were tight on cash – but with now I can get stuff online for my two boys.

“I didn’t realise how much I’d spent this year until I added it all up but I don’t have a problem with it.

I am a bit of a last minute shopper myself, how do you plan your Christmas.


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