Paul Chuckle appeared on the show This Morning today and paid tribute to his brother Barry after his he died earlier this week after a battle with cancer.

The star of chuckle vision will be laid to rest this Friday and his brother he was still struggling to comes to terms with his loss.

Barry passed at 73 and was working in entertainment for nearly 60 years, his entire life.

Fighting back tears, he said: “It’s good to talk about him.

“Not only have we been together since I was born but we worked together for 55 years.”

He added:

“It is pretty raw, it was only a couple of months ago that I found out how ill he was. He said to me wants me to carry on, we love being on stage, entertaining, I will hopefully carry on.”

Looking completely devastated, he said:

“I keep saying ‘we’ but it’s me on my own now.


The viewers watching at home found viewing hard as they took to Twitter to comment. 

A viewer wrote:

“Heartbreaking seeing Paul Chuckle on #ThisMorning he’s so brave to be speaking so soon about his brothers death. Let him R.I.P. x @thismorning.”

Another viewer added:

“Okay, I’m actually crying #ThisMorning I miss Barry already :(.”

Another viewer wrote:

 “Paul Chuckle on #ThisMorning with tears in his eyes, talking about Barry the way he was. Brings a tear to your eye!”

Whilst discussing his brother Paul said:

“Barry suffered from the disease for over two years but didn’t tell him the full extent of his illness until a few months before he passed, for fear he would be forced to stop working and making people laugh.

Paul also said:

“He had pains in his legs for round about two years. Before we went to pantomime a couple of years ago he had pains in his legs.

“He was telling me what it was like, and I’ve had sciatica before and it’s very, very painful. I said, ‘It sounds like sciatica,’ and that’s what he kept telling me it was for two years.

“He kept it from me and he kept it from our manager Phil. He didn’t want us to know because we would’ve said ‘no’, but he wanted to work until he died. He wanted to die on stage like Tommy Cooper. “He just loved working, loved making people laugh. He was just a lovely guy.”

Such a tragic loss R.I.P Barry, ‘From us to you’.



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