A top cricket club has been forced to cancel two matches this weekend since been invaded by a group of travellers who parked their caravans on the pitch.

Police were called to Chesterfield Cricket Club to remove the invaders who left their laundry to dry out on the pavilion and littered with beer cans.

Chairman Mike Taylor, 72, claims the travellers asked for money in exchange for vacating the premises.

“It all kicked off around 4 pm yesterday. It’s very frustrating because it’s one of the finest grounds in the country.

“They were on the square as well. It’s not done too much damage at the moment but I was in a panic to get them off because there’s rain forecast tomorrow.

“Various people started going on our website and calling me, telling me there were travellers there. I thought it was a wind-up!

“I got there and they were camped all around the ground and on the centre. The police arrived soon after me.

“Initially, they were keen to get cash off us to get a ferry to Ireland. No money passed but then they became uncooperative.

“They weren’t happy or helpful and thankfully the police were great and, apart from a bit of bad language, they didn’t cause a fuss.”

The club tweeted a picture of the caravans with the message: “Terrible scenes at Queen’s Park. Which resulted in today’s Premier League game being cancelled.”

police officers escorted several caravans off the pitch, Earlier today, Chesterfield Borough Council posted on Twitter:

“We are taking legal action to remove a group of travellers who have illegally set up a camp on the cricket pitch within Queen’s Park.

Today litter and empty cans of beer were spread across the outfield as the council branded it a no-go zone.

Chesterfield Cricket Club posted this status on Facebook

“This is chesterfield cricket pitch queens park and these are Irish gipsies… what they’re doing is deliberate vandalism! …I just spoke to them and they’re aggressive as soon as you speak to them, how can anyone defend them or their actions!!!!

Locals in the area responded to the post

Terry, “The Derbyshire Premier League. Match Chesterfield CC v Denby CC which should have been played on Queens Park today has had to be cancelled

Deb, “There were travellers on school playing fields near me, like Sally says, crapping everywhere, litter, horses and dogs all over the place. Took the police a while to move them on and the school had to put fences up, plus the cost of cleaning up. Just wrong.

Sally, “We were a very close community and luckily our local councillor lived very near ( not lucky for him) so we took to taking our black bags to his garden and then informed him that an abandoned caravan would be left on his front if it wasn’t sorted they finally got moved on. This was after months of the children not being allowed to play out, not being able to park our car at home and abuse every time we passed them. We called in the police after spotting the children breaking into cars and he said if they spoke to them no one would admit to being the parent but they’d all be claiming benefits for them, he also said if we fired anairgun from our balcony they wouldn’t worry lol x

Mark, “Absolute scum of the Earth Malc. And when they finally get moved on, don’t be surprised to find a couple of hundred broken bottles all smashed on the pitch as a farewell present. Napalm would be a good solution for this vermin.

Lesley, “Absolute crap when people say some of them are peaceful! After they invaded my works car park at the start of the year it is obvious how disgusting they are! Peoples cars keyed as they worked, adults using smoking shelters as a toilet…kids waving knives..refusing to move for 5 days sitting in their vans watching a 50inch flat screen!

Carol, “Why when people report them there can’t they do anything? I could guarantee if I went now and put our tent up on Lindsley green field I’d be stopped straight away


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