Everyone has a friend who is an expert at finding information about people on Social Media, but now they can actually get paid for their skills, paid to vet people for potential dates.

Andy Bartram, 46, from Kent, who has had police training, has now set up his own private investigation agency called, Vet Your Date, in order to catch out fake profiles.

For only £20 a search, you can find all kinds of juicy details about your date, and receive a report on the individual.

Andy has a background in criminal intelligence, he is qualified to be the perfect man for the job, and can work with as little as a profile picture.

 Talking about his agency, Vet your date Andy said:

“I have done those kinds of searches as an intelligence analyst and while I was watching Catfish on MTV I thought it could potentially be a good idea to do something similar.

“Anybody could do it, but in the same way, if you need your boiler fixed, you would get a professional in because of safety. I have spent a number of years as a criminal intelligence analyst and I have had police training.

Andy said:

“We live in a new swipe left swipe right culture where people don’t necessarily know who they are meeting or who they are talking to and others exploit that.

“It is an important issue for health and safety with the potential for fraud.”



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